[Sonic the Hedgehog]

[ Chemical Plant Zone ]

Chemical Plant Zone is possibly the best zone of any Sonic game.

The Chemical design achieves an remarkable degree of path divergence for a Sonic zone. Although the basic layout echoes Star Light Zone from Sonic 1, Chemical is much more sophisticated in implementation.  Both Chemical acts have multiple paths to choose from near the beginning. Several additional routes/detours are possible by means of skill jump, although path merging is somewhat restricted by 1-way objects like ramps and doors. What really sets Chemical apart are the details -- the Pneumatic tube transport system, rotating disc transport system, floating platform transport system. Add on top of that the rising Chemical sludge, spewing fountains of chemicals, placement of enemies on the wall and ceiling and it's a very unique zone.

Chemical is also one of the fastest maps and there is much room to experiment with "curved terrain physics" - Sonic's speed and jump length is dependant on what seems like momentum, but is actually the angle at which you leave the ground. This can be done both upwards and downward, and Chemical's massive ramps will show you just how much speed you can gain from jumping downhill.


[ Powerups ]

There are no fast shoes in Chemical?, you certainly will not need them!

Extra Life - There's an easy 1-UP in each Act.


[ Graphics / Level Design ]

Foreground Parallax - Silver support stuctures

Background Parallax - Red cityscape

Midground Parallax - Yellow building rooftops

Lower Screen Parallax - Gold conveyor belt


[ Video ]

You can see some of the tricks possible in CPZ in this video: